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Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two. A book lover, music geek who loves the written word. I'll read anything that sounds good to me.

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Gone - Michael  Grant Absolutely a 5 start book. Also top 10 material as well. Holy mojo, how have I not read this book until recently? Where has it been all my life? No matter, I have now read it and it will forever be, as of today, one of my absolute favorite books of all time. Subsequently, Michael Grant will henceforth be known as one of my favorite authors of all time (fun factoid he's married to K.A Applegate, Animorphs author. How cool is that?). Grant is an absolute genius with a pen. I mean that, he is brilliant. I can barely explain how much I love this book and everything in the pages (alright on my Nook, you know what I mean). This truly is a new Lord of the Flies (with a bit of X-Men) for our time, just like George R.R Martin is hailed as the modern Tolkien. I recommend this highly to ANYONE, and I mean that.