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Good Friends, We May Be in Trouble

Reblogged from I'll think of a damn title later:

I heard through the vine that the CEO of this site might be in cahoots with STGRB. At a friend's prompting, I took my proxy and went to investigate.


It doesn't look good. (By the way, there are links and not images because the images were too big to fit in this post. I tried, trust me.)


This is STGRB's post about it, which uses posts from Rick Carufel's site.They don't link to Rick's site for these because the two had a tiff and never want to see each other again, but it took about a minute's worth of investigating to figure it out. His profile as shown here links to BookLikes. Not any specific profile. Just BookLikes.


Here are Dawid's comments on Rick's post.


Here is where Dawid's profile links from Rick's post.


STGRB's MO, from my experience, is simply a manipulation of the facts by presenting some while omitting others. Their decisive commenters and supporters-in-email are usually anonymous. If this is them trying to manipulate us once again, they've changed their MO significantly by outright impersonating this man on one site or both.


Make your own judgments. We will hopefully have word from Dawid soon on if he really made these statements or if these people are making up his comments and impersonating him.


- - - - - - - - - - 


We definitely need further clarification. I'm willing to give Dawid the benefit of the doubt, even though he posted on STGRB's site (I've stopped hoping people will research that site before commenting on it after the Nathan Bransford mess) but given the hoopla we've all been through in the past year and a half or so of book blogging with Melissa Douthit and her cronies doxxing bloggers, calling them up at their work places and generally making their lives a little less safe, it's hard not to be cynical. 


In the end, I wonder if we'll ever use book networking sites like GR or BL again. Maybe we can all learn coding and start our own.