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Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli WARNING: SPOILERS (kind of.) Oh god, I was in love with this book when I was younger. It's a great representation of how kids in middle school, high school, hell any age really, treat others, as well as how they act, and treat those who don't adhere to the social norms. I really like the two protagonists, Stargirl and Leo. Stargirl is such an amazing character. She stands by who she is and what she believes in, and doesn't care what others think about her. I love her non-judgmental attitude and her overall individuality. She only has one lapse but that is because she's in love. Leo is great as well because of the journey he goes through. At first he is like the rest of his school, he doesn't know what to think about Stargirl. He's never seen anyone like her before and doesn't understand her. But as the book goes on he falls in love with Stargirl and comes to accept her and understand better. But when she is ostracized Leo can't handle how it reflects on him. Like other kids his age he can't handle the peer pressure, and asks Stargirl to change for him. In the end he realizes his mistake and never forgets the girl who made a lasting impression on him and his school. He becomes wiser. To conclude, a great book. Go read it. :)