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The Iron King  - Julie Kagawa For a in-depth review of this book, go to http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

This book surprised me, in that I love it, despite expecting not to. I could predict some of the plot twists, which is what brought it down a star. I hate when a book is so predictable like that. But luckily that was early on in the book. I love the story, and how it borrows from A Midsummer Night's Dream with the characters, and builds this fantastical world from there. I didn't want to leave the Nevernever, it was beyond intriguing.

Meghan rocked, and has become a literary idol of mine. Her bravery and her strength was amazing, and I deeply admire her for it. She would not give up on getting her brother back, and her loyalty to those she loved was also extremely admirable. Puck was also brilliant. I love him and his wit and adorableness. Honestly, I prefer him to Ash. Ash is cool, and I can understand why he was so cold to Meghan in the beginning, but still, he was kind of an ass to me. If I had to pick a team, I'd be Team Puck all the way. Grimalkin was such a fascinating character, I loved him. He had his motives, but still also grew a slight loyalty to Meghan. Such a complicated and wonderful character. Oberon, well he pissed me off to be honest. I know why he couldn't be in Meghan's life, but still, he was such a meathead, the way he treated his own flesh and blood. Titania, I don't know. I hate her for how she treated Meghan as well, but she has good reason.

Kagawa rocks, her writing style is fluid, and her world building is superb. I just wanted to get lost in the world she created so beautifully.

A good fey novel with a strong female lead and great action/romance.