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Nevermore (Nevermore #1) - Kelly Creagh For a more in-depth review and other reviews, check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

I had such high expectations, after seeing such glowing reviews of this book. It's not that I didn't like it, I do. But it's not as stellar as I thought it would be.

I'll give kudos and credit to Kelly for using Poe as a basis for a YA paranormal romance. I like Edgar Allen Poe and his works, so it was great to see her spin on his stories, his life, and even the Poe Toaster! But I just didn't like the story that much. It didn't hold my interest that much, and I found myself skipping pages. I also didn't like how Creagh used 3rd person POV. I wish it was 1st person, because it would have been so much better, at least in my opinion.

Isobel was cool, and I have to admit I admired her resolve when it came to sticking up for what's right, never faltering in her beliefs. I love it when a character isn't what they at first appear to be, the stereotype they seemingly represent slowly fade away as the book progresses. Varen was also great, and I loved his lines. Brad, well he was an arse. A real true arse. I hated his freaking guts, and just wanted to smack him, the way he acted. Ugh, I hate such nastiness and blatant ignorance. Reynolds kicked arse. I loved his whole character, smugness and all.

Again, I don't like how Ms. Creagh used 3rd person, which is not my favorite form of POV. It takes a lot for me to like 3rd person, and to me, Creagh didn't make me enjoy it. I will admit she knows how to write a character, and loved how she built her world, such a beautifully frightening world.

If you love Edgar Allen Poe, you'll love this book.