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Gamers - Thomas K. Carpenter I thought I would love this book. The synopsis intrigued me deeply. I mean come on, a dystopian society based in videogames? Come on that is so freaking cool! But alas, it didn't live up to the awesomeness.

The prose was too hard for me to follow. I mean I play games, but mostly on my DS Lite, not a hardcore gamer. With this in mind, I didn't get half the things our main protagonist was saying. Plus there were made up slang words that I had no idea what they meant. *Facepalm*

Also the page numbering threw me off. That really doesn't have anything to do with this book, but it bothered me. It was supposed to be 900 pages, but wasn't. It skipped from 71 to 74 and so on and so forth. I just didn't like that. I was looking forward to seeing how Carpenter would make a 900 page book with this synopsis work, sadly that didn't happen.

It's such a shame, because this book could have been fantasmagorical. If only.....