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Beautiful Creatures  - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl For a more in-depth review and more, check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

Holy sh()t, this book is awesome. I especially credit it because I finished it while going through a rough time, and it helped keep me together. I love love love this story. Yes, there have been an incalculable amount of PNR's out in the universe. Yes, this is not necessarily the single greatest one. What makes this stand out is the male lead/male POV, with the girl being the supernatural being. Also, this is not a vampire, werewolf, basically the usual type of creatures used in PNR. The pacing was excellent, slow in the reveal, although there was a bit of info-dumping on occasion. From page one, this book had me on a ride that I did not want to exit. I literally got so lost in this incredible world.

I adore Ethan so much. He's such a great character to follow in this book. I loved his determination, his loyalty, and how sweet he is. God, Ethan is wonderful. I loved Lena as well. She had this badass quality to her, in spite of her Edward Cullen-ish tendencies sometimes. I loved reading her development and her growth. Characters like Link and Macon were brilliant, getting development of their own and having such wonderful personalities. All of the other side characters had their own vibes, even if they were one-dimensional.

Dayum, Garcia and Stohl know how to write. I adored their writing, as well as their world building. The work so well together, creating an addictive world that keeps you wanting more