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The Pledge - Kimberly Derting For a more in-depth review, check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

This book was such a bleeping disappointment. I heard about it around March, and was deeply intrigued by it's concept. I had never heard of a Dystopian fantasy based around languages. That just sounded awesome. Sadly, this book didn't live up to the hype. I hated that Ms. Derting used a heavy amount of slut shaming in this book, don't do that to a character who got some decent development at the end/climax. Also don't make the protagonist have a superiority complex when it comes to the slut shaming. This book also never really rose up to the occasion, and honestly, I only really liked bits and pieces.

If you couldn't tell, I didn't like Charlie. She had a bit of a superiority complex, was played at the girl who everyone thought was beautiful, but she didn't think it herself. I could not connect with her, and she didn't feel real. Brooklynn, her best friend, is the one who was slut-shamed. Made up to loove boys, always flirt, you know the whole slut-shaming deal. X_X She only got a bit of development at the climax, honestly xD. Then there's Max, the love interest. Ugh, I hated his whole character. Nothing about him was appealing. There were really no characters I had a connection with, none.

I hated Ms. Derting's writing style. I know there is a legion of people who love her Body Finder series, and I'm sorry, but I just hated it. Her style didn't fit with the story, and her world building was beyond lackluster. Why do the good sounding books always fall the hardest?