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Look, I love Amanda Hocking. Truly I do. Her Tylle Trilogy is one of my favorite series. I even plan on buying a physical copy of Switched today. I also loved the first book in this series, My Blood Approves. Unfortunately, I really didn't like Fate. It was just so......boring. Nothing truly happened, apart from the beginning and the ending. Ok, there was a bit of an antagonist during the book, but that was resolved by the end. I feel like Alice just whined and complained a lot. It felt mostly like a series of random occurrences tied together by a flimsy string. I couldn't stand it.

Like I said, I feel like all Alice did was whine and complain. All she did was bitch about how isolated and left out of her vampire group she was. She dragged her feet, not having much life to her. I admired her struggle in the beginning, but after that, I did not like her at all. Jack turned into an Edward Cullen type, losing all of his awesome qualities that made him, well, awesome. He turned his relationship with Alice into a push-pull thing. Ugh, it's a shame of what he became. Milo, also one of my favorite characters from MBA became a bit of a mess. He turned into a jealous mess for the most part, although his love for Alice still shone through. None of the other characters, such as Mae, had the same spark to them, although I got some respect for Peter in this book.

Ms. Hocking, I don't know why you took this book in the direction you did, but I don't think I'll be continuing with this series. I still love you, and will read your other books, just not this series.