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Kiss of Frost  - Jennifer Estep For more reviews, check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

This was such a kick-ass book! After those second book-slumps, it was a breath of air reading Kiss of Frost. The series continued naturally, mostly taking place in a fairly contained environment. But oh, Ms. Estep made it an action packed location, and an action packed book. Everything meshed well: The romance, the action, the friendships, everything. I loved reading the journey, and dayum the ending was so epic and amazing and twisty, I should have seen it coming but I didn't, and I so appreciate that.

Gwen was even more kick-butt in this book. I loved how she explored her powers in this book, going on her emotional and physical journey. I still found myself rooting for her. Her trademark wit and sarcasm was still there. I wanted her to take her enemies down. Logan gained my respect in this book, despite some douchy tendencies. His back-story and his own emotional journey made me completely fall for him. Daphne was back and better than ever! She is still my favorite character, remaining snarky but sweet, and loyal to Gwen. I still love the friendship between her and Gwen. It was just like the friendship I have with my best friends, we snark at each other and tease a lot, but when the chips are down we're always there for one another. Oliver got a lot of surprising development in this book, taking me by surprise for sure. I liked how Ms. Estep took his character, and I can't wait to see where he goes in the books to come. And of course, Vic was Vic. Nuff said.

Dang Ms. Estep, you kick some serious bum. She built her world well, kept me intrigued, sucking me in from page one once again. Despite all of the praise I've been showering upon her, I still have one issue. She still keeps referring to characters as "the Valkryie" and "the Spartan," even after repeating that numerous times and even after referring to the characters by name. Even Daphne, and she and Gwen are friends! Ugh, I really truly hope that lessens, because it is the only peeve I have with this series. Other than that, fantastic work Ms. Estep!