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Holy shit (pardon), this book was amazing. I mean that. And for me to say that the third book in, that's something. This was an excellent book, and an excellent installment in what has become one of my all time favorite series. This book starts off with a bang, picking up right where Violet Tendencies left off. The action is ramped up, the romance is as well, character development out the yin yang. Oh my god, such a good book. This time, Sabina and the crew are in New Orleans, trying to find Sabina's sister Maisie. The story takes such great turns with excellent twists. And I mean holy bleep, that ending squeezed the hell out of my heart. I couldn't put this book down, so much so I stayed up until almost 5 in the morning to finish it. But that ending, oh. My. God. If that doesn't make me want to read Silver-Tongued Devil, I don't know what will (I'm definitely reading STD ^^).

Sabina still kicks some major butt. When she's in action mode, oh boy don't get in her way. She is a beautiful action heroine, and she also gets some major character development. Her confrontation of her past, her heritage, and her possible romance with Adam all boost her up, making Sabina vulnerable yet tough, and I loved being in her head. Man she can snark it up with the best of them. Adam, whew. He wasn't really in TMIB, so having him return in full force was wonderful. He also goes through some development, having some revelations while struggling alongside Sabina about their relationship. Speaking of their relationship, oh god it's fabulous. I adore reading the banter between Sabina and Adam, also how sweet their romance could be. You just want them to be happy and to be together. Then of course, one of my all time favorite characters, Giguhl. I'm laughing just thinking about him. He is comic relief incarnate, yet he's also loyal, protective, and all around brilliant. He had this one line that had me cracking up, at 4 in the morning mind you. I had to struggle to not laugh very loudly at that time so not as to wake up my parents. I just adore Gigul so much, and I love him not as a character, but as a person. (you know, if he were real) The banter between him and Sabina had me dying of laughter, but you could see how much they care for each other as friends. New characters were introduced as well, such as Brooks. Brooks quickly rose up as one of my favorite characters. He's so sassy and funny, but also well rounded with heartbreaking backstory. And when you read what happens to him, your heart aches. Brooks also had hilarious banter with all of the characters, and I love his relationship with Giguhl (oh god, such a great duo). Others such as Zen, Mac, etc. All of them had strong connections to the Kaniverse, were vibrant and fabulous, and had great development/backstory to book.

Jaye Wells, you are a hero to me. I mean that with all my heart. The woman can write so freaking well, guys. She just keeps on building up this world, keeping it full and rich, making you want to learn more and more. She can write a character like nobody's business, and is pure brilliance. I can not WAIT to read Silver-Tongued Devil.

It's safe to say this is one of my all time favorite series and I would recommend it highly.