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Oh hot damn, I did not expect this book to turn out as it did. All I could think while reading was "Wooooooow, this book is good." Well, there were more expletives in my thoughts, but that's the watered down version. I mean holy f()()k, I was literally hooked on each frexing page. I never wanted to put this book down for a second, except for when I had class. I love love loved everything, from all the twists (boy there were a LOT of them), to Amy and Elder's ever-evolving relationship, to the growing discord on Godspeed. Everything was just brilliant. And from reading the acknowledgments, Ms. Revis had a whole different version of the novel in mind, a few I think. I'm so frexing glad she went with this one. The mystery was extremely suspenseful, and I was scrambling along with the characters to find out whodunit. And holy hell the ending got me so freaking pumped for the next/final book!

Amy for sure grew a lot in this book, while retaining her questioning nature and her desire to hold on to her Sol-Earth memories, as well as Sol-Earth itself. I love her as a character, as she grows stronger and stronger, and more solid in her beliefs. I also still feel bad that she was treated so poorly by everyone except Elder and a rare few others on the ship. While I understand why it happened, I still dislike it because no one should be treated like that, regardless of circumstances. Elder also showed some significant growth and development. You get to see a new side of him, witnessing how the events of AtU affected him, impacting his new role as leader, or Eldest. I enjoyed reading about his struggle with wanting to let everyone keep their new freedom or slide into the very behavior he wanted to avoid. His relationship with Amy was one of my favorite parts of the novel. I relished reading them figure out new things about each other, growing up simultaneously, and discovering their feelings for one another. I also loved reading about characters like Marae, who kicked some butt as a character. And Doc, I just have to say that I have mixed feelings about him, mostly leaning towards hate. And of course, Orion permeated through this novel, which came as a shock to me, but it was enjoyable.

Ms. Revis keeps up the awesome in this book. She built upon the ideas she planted in AtU, showing us different facets of the ship, its inhabitants, while questioning ideals and making you think, all the while writing an excellent thriller. Her writing style sucked me in once again, and I still love how easily she gets into Amy and Elder's heads. Like I said, I am PUMPED for the final book (why oh why is it a year away? ): )