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Supernaturally  - Kiersten White For more reviews check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

Ugh, this book gave me a headache. It felt like pulling teeth while I was reading this. Just not enjoyable, especially after the super-amazing book that preceded it. I feel like Supernaturally lacked the spark Paranormalcy crackled with. I will admit I liked the idea of Evie having a pseudo-Michael Corleone moment ("Just when I thought I was out they pulled me back in." One of the best quotes ever ^^) with returning to the IPCA. That and learning more about Evie's (and by extension, Vivian's) past. That was probably one of my favorite parts of this whole novel. And the implications of her past on not only herself, but everyone around her. Other than that, I was not interested in this novel at all. Admittedly, I enjoyed the ending quite a lot. I don't know if I will read the final book, Endlessly, when it comes out. Probably not, I'll probably read everyone elses reviews to see how it ended. I just don't think I'm interested enough in this series anymore to want to pay for the final book.

Evie was just not as strong a character to me in this novel. I don't really think she had much character growth, apart from learning who she really was, and maturing a tiny bit. She felt like a stunted character, like a close friend who you're frustrated with because they will probably never mature/grow up. That's a shame, because I was so looking forward to her growing/developing as a character. Then Lend. Oh Lend, I wish you were in this book more than you were. You were one of the best characters. I still like Lend a lot, I just wish he and Evie didn't take the relationship dive they did, which seems to always happen in the second book of a LOT of series, especially in YA/Paranormal YA. Then there's Jack. UGH I HATED Jack. I hated reading every stupid, inspid word that came out of his mouth. Jack just f**king disgusted me, especially at the end. And Reth came back, and I actually enjoyed his return. He was a freaking walk in the park compared to Jack, although I still don't like him. Vivian definitely won my sympathies in this novel, and I loved the rapport she and Evie had. I think their conversations were the most enjoyable ones in this book.

I'm sorry Ms. White, but I feel you really lost the ball with this book. Your writing style took a dive, and you didn't take Evie anywhere in my opinion. I'm sorry, but I won't be reading the next book.

Was this worth the hype? No, hell no.