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Another book I could not finish. The story is a loose retelling of a Greek myth, that of Persephone and Hades. Now, I'm a huge Greek Mythos geek, so I was excited to see how this retelling did. Sadly, it did not. Regardless of the retelling, I was not invested in the novel, the characters, none of it. Nikki was a shell of a character. I know that that's part of her character, and how she got to be that way and how she comes back from it, but she was also a shell in that she was a cardboard character. She had no substance, which is never good. Jack wasn't good either, and I hated him as a person. Cole was pretty awesome, but not enough to keep me interested.

I despised Ms. Ashton's writing style. It didn't fit the story, and I didn't like how she developed her world.