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Ten Miles Past Normal - Frances O'Roark Dowell For more reviews, check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

This novel was very cute. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but still good. One thing that really bothered me was how short this book was. What I mean is that the time-frame felt too short. A sub-sect of that is how quickly Janie fell in love with Monster. It went like this: Janie meets Monster, Janie hangs with Monster, suddenly Janie and Monster are in love. I just wish their falling in love took a bit more time, and was more fleshed out. But back to the main issue, I thought everything happened in a bout two weeks. Janie wanted to be normal, made some new friends, found out she loved guitar, comes of age through various trials and tribulations, and learns being herself is the best thing. While I love the message, like I said about Janie and Monster's relationship, I wish the story took more time to develop, but unfortunately it didn't. Like I said, this was a cute storty filled with sweet and sad moment. I just wish those problems weren't problems.

Janie was a prett cool character. I liked her style, and her voice was easy to read. At times it felt like she was whining, but in a way you can chalk it up to just starting High School, which is hard for anybody that age. I liked following her, albeit very short, journey of self discovery. Monster, the love interest, was a bit odd. I can't describe it, but he was definitely odd. Despite that, I thought he was an awesome character and great for Janie, despite the setbacks. I also liked Verbena, who was a kick-butt character and fun to read. Janie's parents and best friend were fleshed out a bit, but ultimately felt like caricatures to me, not truly characters.

I felt like Ms. Dowell's writing style was a bit too simplistic. Plus as I said, she squished the time frame of the novel into a short amount of time.