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Shrinking Violet - Danielle Joseph For more reviews, check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

Oh man, I wanted to like this book so badly. When I first heard about Shrinking Violet, the premise really drew me in. I couldn't wait to start reading. And then it all went downhill. I didn't like the way the story went, and how cartoonish certain characters were. Plus I feel like we were in Teresa's head waaay to much.

Speaking of Teresa, I didn't really like her. It's not that she was too shy, I just didn't like her as a character/person. She could be kind of mean, and too self-isolating, despite her extreme shyness. She just didn't click at all with me, and I wish she was written better, because she didn't feel realistic. Her mother also felt unrealistic. She was so over the top and cartoonish, I wanted to scream out in frustration (mind you I was reading this late at night, so that would have been an issue xD). None of the characters felt real to me, and none were relatable in any single way.

I felt like Ms. Joseph's style was not good. It did not mesh with me and barely hooked me into anything.