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Oppression (Children of the Gods, #1) - Jessica Therrien For more reviews, check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

This book was pretty fricking awesome. I loved the authors take on the Gods, their origins and their present. The take was fresh and completely intriguing. In this world the Gods weren't really Gods, but people with extraordinary abilities, whom the ancient Greeks mistook for Gods. I loved the story itself, with Elyse going on her journey, and her quest concerning her friend Anna One thing keeping this book from being truly amazing was the insta-love. I hated how quickly Elyse and William fell in love. I know I know, there is a major component that make them get together so quickly, but still. It felt like this: Meet, talk, boom in love! I wish their relationship developed better, slower. Also William had controlling tendencies at times, which pissed me off.

Elyse was a pretty awesome character. I loved reading about her history, and her friendship with Anna. I think her friendship with Anna was my favorite part of the book. You could feel their friendship leap off the page, it was so natural. I loved Elyse's determination, and watching her figure things out and try to carve out her own path. Despite her insta-love relationship with William, she was a strong protagonist. William was alright, and I'm not going to lie his ability at first made me giggle. Like I said, he had controlling tendencies which really angered me. I also thought he was a bit too clingy to Elyse. Kara was an awesome character. She felt so real to me. She was conflicted, evil yet sweet, horrible yet she nice. I really went back and forth on how I felt about her as a character. She was probably my second favorite character. I also loved William's friendss, especially Nics and Sam, whose relationship made me smile and giggle. Ryder honestly scared the shizz out of me. I got chills every single time he appeared.

Ms. Therrien is a great writer. She really immerses you in this world pretty quickly. Like I said, I loved her fresh take on the Gods, and she built her world extremely well. It must have taken a while to think it all out, and I commend her on that.