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I started this book last Tuesday, while I was frequenting my local Barnes and Noble. I decided to pick the book up because I was excited it was released. So I started reading, and I couldn't stop. Over the course of the week, my mother and I usually go to Barnes and Noble at least twice, occasionally three times. Last week was a three time week, and I finished Thumped in this time. Now onto the review!

Thumped was an excellent follow up to Bumped! I actually love Thumped more! It was just pure excellence story-wise. It, like Bumped, takes place in a short amount of time, but the story didn't feel rushed. I loved how the characters developed, how the story developed, etc. The pacing was excellent, as I said. And the twists. Oh. My. God. The twists were AMAZING! I NEVER saw any of them coming, and I mean holy shit, they were doozies. I mean I literally gasped, out loud, in the middle of Barnes and Noble, in full view of everyone in the cafe. That is how good and shocking those twists were. They were so fantastic, they made me love the book even more. I do have a major issue with this book though, which I'll address at the end when I speak about the author. Other than that, I adore this book, and am sad to see the world of Bumped come to a conclusion.

The twins, Harmony and Melody, are still excellent characters! First to Harmony. I feel like Ms. McCafferty focused more on her story than Melody's, but it did not bother me all too much, because I honestly thought it was more interesting. You can really see her struggle with her crises of faith, how she feels about her past, her pregnancy, everything. I just wanted her to be happy, to make the choices she wanted to make, and I was outraged at the people of Goodside. She had excellent development, and I think I came to love her more than her twin Melody. Speaking of Melody, she also had great development. You could also see her struggles, although they were quite different from Harmony's. I rooted for her and Zen, because they are awesome as a couple. I wanted her to succeed and I wanted her to be free as well. Have I mentioned how much I love her and Zen together? Speaking of Zen, holy hell. He is even more sexy now, I don't know why, but he is. Probably because he has more time in this novel than he did in Bumped. I loved how his character matured and developed, became more of a person. Plus he's always good for some great comic relief :) Now onto Jondoe. Like Zen, Jondoe's role was expanded, even though he had more time in Bumped. I liked seeing him try and become a better person in order to win back Harmony. I still feel like he was phony at some points, but I do love that he was trying. Also Ram, Ram is freaking fantastic. He is just so selfless, and so kind, oh god he's probably one of my favorite characters. The colorful collection of side characters were fun to read, and I loved to hate Lib. Oh Lib.

Great job, Ms. McCafferty! I love how she expanded on her world, adding new while still having those elements that made me love Bumped. She really put her characters through a lot, and I loved that. Now to address the major issue I have with this book, and by extension, Ms. McCafferty. I feel that near the end of the novel, it became quite preachy. I feel that Ms. McCafferty started preaching near the end using one her characters, and it made me uncomfortable. I mean I agree with her overall, but I don't think you should use your characters as a mouthpiece like that. Other than that, kudos!