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Until I Die  - Amy Plum For more reviews, check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

Goddammit Ms. Plum!! You know not what you do!!! This book is an EXCELLENT follow-up to Die for Me, and on its own is just a brilliant, brilliant book. Words can not properly express how much I love this book. I was thinking about it hours and days after finishing it. You know a book is good if you're still thinking about the ending long after you are done reading. Man, this book was just so good! The story was excellent, blending slice of life with an underlying, more urgent storyline that interwove with the slice of life. Everything tied together so well, and that ending! Holy shit that ending had my eyes almost popping out of the sockets. I mean it, it shocked me to my core. How could that happen?!?!?!? How could Amy Plum do that?!?!?!?!?!?? But oh man oh man it was soo soo soooo good. Plain and simple the story is amazing.

Kate got some excellent development. She grew as a person, doing all she can to stay with Vincent but learning important lessons along the way. I loved how much stronger she became. I loved how she was trying to find things out on her own, and didn't disappear into her relationship with Vincent. Speaking of that handsome devil, whew! Is it me or did he get even hotter in this book? He is still sweet, smart and amazing. Can I please have a Vincent for myself? XD The rest of the crew, such as Georgia, Jules, Gaspard etc were all still great characters with backstory and development of their own. I'm glad Jules's transparent feelings for Kate did not turn into a love triangle, but I still feel for him because it was like Charlotte's tragic love. I am so glad Charlotte was still in the novel in some way :) New characters Violette and Arthur were great and interesting new additions to the story. I have such strong feelings toward them that I can not express them fully without giving away major spoilers. Let's just say they are very interesting.

Damn Ms. Plum, why must you torture your readers? Whyyyy??? I want to thank you and yell at you at the same time. Holy crap, does this woman know how to write. She builds the world of the Revenants up so well, expanding it while keeping it the same simultaneously. She is made of pure talent, knowing just how to suck you in, then ripping the rug from right out under you. Damn, I can not wait for the final book to see what Ms. Plum comes up with.