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Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell I honestly don't know how to write about this book, really and truly. I've said that before, but now it's true. My well of words has dried up and all I can say is: Wow. Just wow. This book has played with my emotions, making me go through whiplash so often I don't know how to classify it. There were moments that were so cute all I could do was squeal and say "awwww!" And then there were moments that made me cry, which does not happen often. Other times I wanted to slap Eleanor's stepfather and Park's father, as well as start a riot in their school for how the kids treated Eleanor. While this book barely felt like it took place in the 80's, it feels more timeless than that. All I really know is, this book has touched me, in ways I didn't know it would. I never actually intended to read this, and now it owns a piece of my heart, forever. It tore it out, held it delicately, then stomped on it hard. And now this book owns a piece. And I don't even mind. Rainbow Rowell, you are a genius. I bow to you and your talent. May your career be long and successful, rich and amazing, as you are amazing. Thank you, for writing such an incredible book. Thank you, for showing me that even a novel you never intend on reading can steal your heart.