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Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two. A book lover, music geek who loves the written word. I'll read anything that sounds good to me.

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Tweet Heart - Elizabeth Rudnick This was such a great book! I first heard of it when I saw one of my GR friends, and a book review I admire had read and reviewed it here and on her youtube channel. Took a look at the description on here, and it looked good. I'll admit I was a bit saddened when I found out there wasn't a Nook version available. Oh well. Then today, I was with my best friend at a mall, and we were at a bookstore. While perusing, I saw a lone copy of this book standing on the shelf. It was practically crying out to me. I ended up buying it, and devoured it today. This is a very good story. It's reminiscent of TTYL, in that it is told through tweets, emails, and blogs (which happens to be the book's tagline). I thoroughly enjoyed each character and how they developed. I laughed and got angry and felt all the things you're supposed to feel from reading. If you like a good, short and cute story, check this out.