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Coda - Emma Trevayne There are so few words for this book, it will be hard to review it. I just loved this book so goddamn much, words are hard to come by. Emma Trevayne on the other hand, seems to have them in spades, and spins them so beautifully, weaving a gorgeous tale of music, power, and all kinds of love.

This story is simply amazing. I can truly say that in the huge wave of dystopians that are currently out there, Coda stands out amongst the rest as a truly unique entity. NEVER have I ever seen a dystopia where music is the way the “evil” government controls the population. What an idea, to use music against us. I should say this now: Music is a HUGE part of my life. HUGE. I wrote my college essay about it even. I go nowhere without my headphones, have millions of songs, tons of cd’s, and it’s still never enough. Music enthralls me, soothes me, pumps me up, and engages me. To think that my beloved music could ever be used against me like this, well, that’s truly fucking frightening. This story is incredible, in its scope, and in its scary way of what it does, showing just how powerful music can be. I loved every minute of this book, to the point where I would sneak chapters in car rides, before bed, during work (On my breaks, don’t worry), anywhere I could, just to see what happened to Anthem and his crew next. I wanted to know if they took down the government, I gasped at every single twist, which rarely happens nowadays, and I was hooked, just like Anthem, on the music. I could hear the songs in my head, playing along with the words. This tale has dug deep, showing us what would happen if music became a drug, killing us while we enjoyed it. The story was tightly plotted, and my heart raced with every page turn.

Anthem, you poor poor boy. You have lost so much, gone through so much pain. I just wanted to hug this boy the entire novel. He knew what was going on, and was helpless at the same time. Aware of his addiction, Anthem wanted to protect his twin siblings at all costs. I loved that his primary motivation for trying to take down the government was is family, so they would never have to track (the term for listening to encoded music in this world). He made very few poor decisions, including some with Haven, but I rooted for him the entire time, wanting him to succeed at all costs. You poor boy. Haven was a fantastic love interest. No love triangles, instalove or instalust here my friends. The book starts out with Anthem and Haven already in love, but holding back from truly being together. Haven’s past is a mystery that unravels as the novel goes on, and when you find out, it’s shocking. I loved her as a character. She is so sweet and so caring, you want her to be happy, and to be happy with Anthem. All the shit she went through, especially in the end, dayum. Her and Anthem’s story is kind of like Uptown Girl, in the sense that Haven comes from a higher lot in the caste system in this world, yet she chooses her own pat in life, shunning her wealthy lifestyle. The chemistry she and Anthem shared sizzled off the page. I LOVE them as a couple, love them. Another character is Scope. I LOVE that Trevayne made him and Anthem exes, giving this book a subtle LGBTQ theme (Aside: I LOVE that there’s no big stink about it, Anthem’s just bi, has a history with one of his closest male friends, and that’s it. It wasn’t even hyped up as a special part of the book, it’s just there. Bravo!). Oh goddamn, Scope damn well broke my heart. I won’t spoil it, but fuck, his arc broke my heart y’all, broke. I loved that there was some lingering chemistry between him and Anthem, and you could tell he would do anything for him. All the characters were fleshed out so well, from Pixel to Tango, President Z, and everyone in between. I loved the dynamic between the band, it was bitchy, and yet you could tell they cared for each other, what they believed in.

Oh. My. God. Emma fucking Trevayne. She is fucking talented y’all. She made Coda like an incredibly long song, one that I will never forget the words to. She built her world incredibly well, I could envision every aspect of in my head. She created a story so amazing, I don’t know if the sequel will top it. I do know that she practically shits talent, and that I will read anything she writes.

I know that yesterday I said I was pushing Island of the Sequined Love Nun on you all, but please, please please please please, PLEASE. Please, read this book. It will change you for the better. It will carve out a place in your heart, and you will sing the words to yourself. I know I do.

WARNING: If you are uncomfortable with excessive language, namely the word fuck being used a lot, don’t read this.

The wait for Chorus will be excruciating.