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Oh. My. God. This book is fucking amazing. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel. language included. This book is fucking amazing, and I am so sorry it doesn't come out here in the US until next year. Thank God for buying stuff from out of the country, otherwise I'd have never read this gorgeous mindfuck of a book for a long time. So in a way, I have to thank Goodreads or messing up the release dates on this book's page, thanks GR!

So this book is insane, in the best possible sense of the word. It takes you on so many journeys, so many places and will mess with your mind. You'll think the story is going in one direction, then all of a sudden you read what's happen next, and you gasp aloud (true story! Happened a few times today). I LOVED this book! LOVE IT! I loved this tale of dystopian England, of Jenna and her struggles, her refusal to give up, and her entire journey. Admittedly, the world building was kind of shoddy, with large holes. For example, just how in the hell did this in-fucking-sane government exactly come into power? Why is England the IRB? There was little explanation, backstory or any true kind of fleshing out the world other than the parts given. And yet, I still love this world! ACID scared the shit out of me, and I felt just how terrifying it was to live in this world, to be living under ACID's control. I rooted the entire time for Jenna, and all of the twists and turns we encountered took my breath away. Except for one: The Romance. Yep, there's a romance in this book. I totally called it the minute I met him in the story, and I called how the arc of the romance played out. I knew from the minute Jenna and the love interest met up. It was pretty much instalove, because I felt their love came from out of nowhere, with Jenna all of a sudden regretting not kissing him during a particularly brutal scene (that's all I'll reveal). I mean I rooted for them as a couple, but hot damn, I would have loved some actual development of their mutual feelings.

Now lets talk about the girl on the cover, our main character Jenna Strong. Holy shit, Jenna is a bad ass chick. She is made of amazing, and I loved rooting for her the entire time I read this book. From chapter one, where she kicks major ass (from chapter one! That's fantastic!). She takes no crap, holds no prisoners, refuses to give up on what she wants or thinks is right, and I love her for it. I felt so bad for her every time a heartbreaking event or reveal occurred, and I just wanted to hug her. Despite Jenna's tough exterior, everything that happened to Jenna affected her deeply, and you could tell from reading her inner monologue. I just, I feel for this girl, and I just wanted her to be happy and safe and kick major ass. Yes, she made some questionable decisions, but I still love and root for her. It's going to be hard to talk about the supporting cast, because they are many, and going into any of them will bring spoilers into the mix, and I do not want to do that. Know that every single supporting character brought all the emotions out of me. ALL OF THEM! Every single one had depth and personality, although the head of ACID was a tad cardboard-ish. I will say I liked the love interest, despite disliking how predictable his and Jenna's love are. I love him and I loved his sweet yet determined personality, and his predictable yet understandable reaction to certain turn of events. God I loved everyone in this book.

Emma Freaking Pass you guys. She is a boss author. She took me through an emotional mindfuck y'all. These twists and turns for the most part, were legitimate twists and turns. I gasped aloud in public numerous times, and my eyes went wide. Her words are incredible and I loved this story that she's created. I loved it so much that I can not wait until her next book. She definitely needed to work on the world building, but I think I've found a new addition to my favorite authors list.

Side note: This book is well put together! The book is split into many parts, with articles, reports/transcripts, letters and various other things peppered throughout the novel, revealing the story apart from reading just Jenna's perspective. Brilliant!

All in all, I ADORE this book, and feel it was well worth what I paid for it. I don't regret buying it at all, and wish it came out here sooner so more people could read this incredible story.