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Hereafter  - Tara Hudson A more in depth review and more here at http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

Holy mojo, I can't believe I finished this book in almost two days! I truly devoured it, that hasn't happened in a while. I adore Tara Hudson as an author. Her prose is just gorgeous, and Amelia is a brilliant character, as all the characters in this book are.

The story rocked my socks. I love it, period. The characters were well developed, and yeah, the romance was kind of rushed, but it wasn't insta-love, which was great. Eli was downright malicious. Not quite nightmare-inducing frightening, but I was definitely scared and hated his guts. His comeuppance was a delight to watch.

Anyone who loves ghosts, YA, romance will love this. Can't wait for book 2!