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This book, holy shit batman. This book just blew the water into the air and up into the heavens. I mean holy effing effness. This book was AMAZING. Even better than Divergent, in every way. I literally read the thing in two days, I refused to be torn away from it. This is another book where all I want to say is "so good so good soo good sooooo fucking gooooooooooddddd." But now that would not be a good review now would it? So I'll say that this book surpasses Divergent in every way. The story was fantastic. We get to see more of the world Ms. Roth created, going from Amity to Candor, etc. The characters had great development, and everything was just so much better. The story of political upheaval coupled with the romance, just everything fell into place and made for such heart pounding action and sweet romance. I loved every single moment, and that ending, I mean holy crap. I was just so damn shocked it felt like my face almost fell off or my mouth would stay on the floor from shock. And I could not be more shocked with the twists. Nothing was predictable, just the way I like it.

Tris just blew me away with her strength in this book. She got amazing character development. I still think that she and I would get along great. I just wanted to comfort her and make sure she was ok. A book reviewer I love and respect named CassJayTuck (She is fantastic, look her up!) who said something about Tris that really resonated with me: The reason people in the book think Tris is cold and cruel is the fact that they don't feel like a normal human being. That the idea of being Divergent is nothing special in real life, but it is in this world because of the way Tris' society has functioned, with each faction being about one single virtue. So while Tris is actually a normal human who feels everything, those who aren't Divergent are not, so they think she is cruel and cold. That is really true and after I finished the book I thought about that hard. Because you read the book from Tris' perspective, you know how she's really feeling, and that she is being torn apart by grief, her actions, everything. Her arc is one of the best I've ever read. Four was also even better. He had his own development which rivaled Tris'. I could not believe the twists his character took, shocking and I loved every minute. With every time he was around I fell in love with him even more. They're relationship really made me swoon. I also loved that they had fights like other couples, they had their issues and worked them out. I also adored Susan, Christina, and the other fabulous side characters that came to life on the page.

Damn, Ms. Roth just keeps getting better. She has built a world that gets richer and richer. Like I said, as you keep reading, you see more of this world. I loved how Ms. Roth created Amity and the other factions, building the tension that I could cut with a knife. Everything came together so well and the writing style was excellent. I will seriously read everything that Ms. Roth will write. She is a freaking genius :).