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Blue-Blooded Vamp - Jaye Wells .........................I just have no words. One of my all time favorite series just ended for me. I'm so happy at how it ended, and yet sad that it's done. Ultimately, I'm glad it's ended the way it has, because that was one damn good book, and an epic finale to such a kickass series. Characters old and new arrive on the scene, loose ends are tied up, questions answered, and of course there are some genuinely awesome laughs sprinkled in with the drama. One major twist I saw coming from the end of book 4, but the rest made my jaw drop to the floor. Godsdamn, I'll miss being excited for a new book to come out. But, I know for sure I will be re-reading this an incalculable amount of times for years to come. If I ever have children, I will definitely pass on this series to them. Safe sails, Sabina Kane.