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Size 14 Is Not Fat Either - Meg Cabot For more reviews, check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

I LOVED this book! A great addition to this series. Heather grows a bit, while still being her kick-ass self. I loved the inventive way Meg set up the mystery, each revealed bit had my eyes bugging with me thinking "Holy Sh*t!" I mean it, each twist had me jumping like jump rope. And that ending, and that villain. I mean holy tightwad that villain scared the f&ck out of me, no joke. I got cold when the villain spoke. Well, he's one of the villains, but still O.O. I loved the tension and all the different aspects, like Heather's Dad entering the picture, the possibility of performing again, her relationships with the Cartwright brothers, all of it was just so good.

Heather still kicked ass. Being a bigger girl like her, I know how she felt with that aspect of her. Plus we're both New Yorkers, and I feel like I think how she thought sometimes. I loved her determination to solve the mystery, and how unafraid she was of the increasingly dire situations. She is such a great character, and I really think if one of us were younger or older, we'd be great friends. Or she could be my awesome older sister. Cooper, dayum, Cooper. Ugh, he's so freaking sexy, sweet, and plain amazing. I can see why Heather loves him, even though he is a bit overprotective. You can see he cares for Heather, and I so wish he'd act on it. Magda wasn't in the picture as much as I'd like, but she was still a great character. Characters like Reggie and a student whom I forget the name of (XD) entered the picture, and added such great flavor to this novel. I really liked Heather's Dad. You feel how much he loves his daughter, and just wants her to forgive him. I admit he was a bit naive, but all in all he was excellent. Like I said, the villain gave me shivers. I mean it, damn.

Ms. Cabot dazzled me again. She kept up the quality of this series, kept my interest, and like I said crafted an inventive mystery that yes, while a tad cliche, still creatively awesome. Cabot, in my opinion, is a genius and great author, who can move from genre to genre with ease. I also loved how she kept up with the song lyrics in front of each chapter, this time using lyrics from songs Heather wrote herself. I love that bit, especially it reflects Heather's emotions in that chapter. Seriously, I adore Ms. Cabot's works.