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Ok, so I've FINALLY had a chance to read this book. I had some issues with my NetGalley copy, being that after I transferred it from Adobe to my Nook, it wouldn't open and apparently didn't exist *facepalm* So I decided to let my time with it run out and ended up buying the Nook copy. I'm glad I've finally read this book.

I loved this book. It captures the essence of being a teenager perfectly, also dealing with lesbianism well. Nothing is blown out of proportion, or turned into a cheap stereotype or caricature (well maybe Mary Ashley Baumgarten, but that was satire, I think). The story is engrossing, making you want to keep reading. It name drops a LOT of rappers/hip hop artists, artists in general, but being that the four main girls and their friends are connoisseurs, you don't really mind.

I liked Esme a lot. She was a great character to take you through the story. You feel her confusion, her anger, basically everything she feels, you feel. She's relatable, and you find yourself cheering her on, wanting her to be happy and succeed in all her endeavors. You also become attached to her friends Marcy and Tess, and their friendship is fabulous. I left Rowie out of that little bit because she becomes the love interest. Honestly, I felt like she was kind of a b*tch. There is nothing wrong with experimenting and finding out who you are. And I can understand why she didn't want to tell her parents. But honestly, the way she acted was uncalled for. I am trying so hard not to spoil anything, but Rowie just made me dislike her, a lot.

If you love hip hop, a well portrayed LGBT book, this is for you.