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That is what my mind was like after I finished this book. I am not joking when I say I can barely find the right words, or words at all, to describe how I feel.

What I will say (on here at least. Shameless plug for my blog xD) is that this book, gives me hope. Like the name of our intrepid heroine Karou, this book, and Laini Taylor for that matter, give me hope. You see, YA literature is becoming a bit lukewarm, with so many books (paranormal YA in particular) that are all basically the same. The genre has become watered down and redundant in most cases. Then this book comes along, and it's a shining beacon that shows there is hope for YA paranormal literature. There are good stories out there, waiting to be told by authors who love them. This book gives hope for Paranormal YA of the future. And from what I can see the future is bright.

That and the lyrical genius plus fabulous characters and breathtaking story helped as well :)

If you haven't read this book, DO SO!!!