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The above two lines of dots is an example of my mind after reading The Fault in Our Stars after roughly 5 hours last night. Honestly, I'm trying to come up with the right words that adequately describe my feelings towards this book, but it is quite freaking hard. Because those 5 hours have affected me so deeply that my well of words has nearly dried up. I will say that I feel this book is John's masterpiece. Well and truly, his magnus opus. If I thought he was a good author before, wow. This book is so beautiful, funny, painful, anger-inducing, etc. Like others have said, TFiOS makes you really feel the full spectrum of emotion, from laughing to crying, and everything in between. The story, while about kids with cancer, and death/dying/cancer are major themes, TFiOS is about so much more than that. It's about love, friendship, being let down by your heroes, finding yourself, familial bonds, and more. I loved this story, the surprises that I never saw coming, and at certain points I wanted to chuck my Nook at the wall because I was so angry (thankfully that didn't happen xD) I almost broke down in tears at some points, and I almost never cry, ever. So if a work is making me nearly break down in tears, I know that it is working my emotions in the best sense possible. And the ending was just gorgeous. That's all I'll say about it, gorgeous.

Hazel was an excellent narrator. For John's first foray into the female perspective, he did an excellent job with Hazel. Yes, she (and Augustus) were intelligent and spoke well beyond her years, but I believe that it's because she was forced to grow up fast due to her disease, and her experiences have shaped her personality/everything. She felt real, and once again, if she existed and were around my age, I feel like we'd be best friends. Her journey touched my heart, and I love the growth she went through. Now onto Augustus. Oh my god, I think I'm in love with Mr. Augustus Waters. The way he speaks, his sweetness, his intelligence, everything. His own journey nearly broke me, and I adore his character. Others like Isaac and Hazels parents popped through the page, all three dimensional and fully realized. One of the characters made me so angry, as I said earlier I almost chucked my Nook against my wall. But I'm glad that person was there, to highlight one of the book's themes.

Damn, John Green truly is a genius. If I thought so before, he really is now. As I said earlier, this was his first time writing from the perspective of a girl, and he did it well. He wrote these issues well, not tramping over anything. It helps that he worked in a children's hospital at one point, so he has knowledge of kids with cancer. Again, I truly think this is his magnus opus, his best novel ever. His writing style in this book was wonderful, and I can't wait to read his next book.