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Raised by Wolves (Raised by Wolves, #1) - Jennifer Lynn Barnes For a more in depth review, check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

I love this book. It has a unique spin on the werewolf subgenre. The story was fantastic, and a wonderful one to spend time reading. I loved watching the events unfold, and was utterly shocked when a great twist occurred.

The characters rocked. Bryn was a perfect heroine for this novel, and I was rooting for her the entire time. Chase was a fabulous love interest, and I love how the romance wasn't suddenly the forefront of the novel, that Barnes had it there but not taking control. Devon was hilarious, and wished he was there more, hopefully in the nest novel. Lake was also one of my favorites, sort of being the other half of Bryn. The adults were present, which was quite refreshing, especially since they weren't portrayed as the villains. Well, most of them anyway.

Barnes had a great writing style. She sucked me into the story from page one.

If you love werewolves, you'll love this.