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Vampire Academy  - Richelle Mead For a more in-depth review and more, check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

Ok, this book was seriously awesome! I loved this fresh spin on vampiredom/romance. The fast pacing and wonderfully suspenseful story kept me reading! I love it so.

I will admit I have a gripe about Lissa being so hot and cold. I know I know, it's integral to who she is as well as the plot, but still. Also, I don't like how quickly (felt quick to me) Rose and Dimitri developed feelings for each other. X_X Oh one more thing, it felt like the vampire lore wasn't really there too much. If the title wasn't Vampire Academy, and the lore wasn't thrown in occasionally, this would basically be a HS story.

Rose was kick-butt! She was snarky, feisty and plain awesome. Plus she had her vulnerable moments, which made her relatable and real. Lissa, like I said had her moments, but man she scared me sometimes, in that wonderful creeptacular way.

I liked how easily Richelle Mead got into her character's heads. She knows her stuff for sure!