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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith,  Casey Holloway This book was utterly, completely and totally amazing. After the disaster that was Supernaturally, reading this was like getting an amazing night's sleep after having horrible nightmares the night before. The story was fantastic, the love story fabulous, everything was purely awesome. I do have one issue though: the POV was just odd to me. It was present tense, from a third person view of Hadley's thoughts. I can't really explain it withought seeing stars, but it was just odd to me. I feel like it would have been better if it was straight up 1st person POV. Otherwise, this book rocked my freaking world. I loved how it took place over the course of a day. I adored the way everything developed, and how I was just filled with emotion reading every single page. I laughed, cried, got angry, the whole spectrum. That ending also made me smile, a whole lot :)

Hadley was an excellent protagonist. Her inner monologue was fantastical. Because of this I've added her to my list of fictional best friends. She was insightful, funny, and had some excellent growth. I genuinely wanted her to patch up her relationship with her father, and wanted her to be happy. Her arc made me root for her in the best sense possibe. *Sigh* Oh Oliver darling, you made me swoon like a f()()king madwoman. I mean it, Oliver is super freaking sexy as hell. He was sweet, funny, smart, and wonderfully complicated. I also enjoyed his personal growth, along with the development of his relationship with Hadley. I so wish I had an Oliver of my own. Speaking of, I loved Oliver and Hadley's relationship. It was sweet, and I love how after only knowing each other for a day, they came to know and care about each other so much. Their relationship made me believe in love at first sight. They were so perfect for each other. Other characters like Hadley's dad were excellent, having vibrant personalities and stood on their own.

Damn, Ms. Smith is talented as hell. Apart from my issue with how she wrote Hadley's point of view I think Ms. Smith is an excellent author who made me completely fall in love with her book. She wrote excellent characters, great situations and relationships. But most importantly, she made me believe true love can truly happen at first sight. Thank you Ms. Smith, thank you :)