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This book turned out amazing, especially for a book written by a music video director. I mean holy crap it was fantastical. If you've seen my goodreads updates then you know how much this book captured my attention I loved the riff on celebrityism, how people obsess over said celebrities and how the celebrities live. That analogy plus a great mystery and a swoon-worthy romance made this book one of the best I've read this year. The story was excellent, and kept me sucked in the entire time. It came to the point where I was compulsively reading, using any opportunity I could to read more pages. I mean holy shit, this book is so freaking good. The pacing was excellent, and the story itself moved perfectly. Each moment made me smile or shocked or swoon. And holy crap those twists shocked the hell out of me. At one point I was in a car with my parents and a friend when I read a huge plot twist. My gasp of shock was so loud my friend and my mom asked me if I was ok. Yes, I was that shocked. Although when I went back in my mind to various parts of the book prior to said twist, it all made such sense. This book is so good I am ITCHING for the next one.

Maddy was an excellent heroine. She was so awesome, I can't find any other word for her. She is just so strong and resilient, although a bit broody sometimes. I was rooting for her the entire time, as well as for her and Jackson to be together. Speaking of Jackson, oh man is he sexy. He is smoking hot and also a great character. Both he and Maddy got excellent development, and I admired him so much sometimes. Although I did get angry at him for caring so much what people thought sometimes. I mean honestly. But he was an excellent hero, and I was also rooting for him to stick it to his stepfather and the Council. I also loved Gwen and Kevin and all of the side characters, even the villains. Everyone was interesting in some capacity, making the book even better. I especially adored Maddy's relationship with her Uncle Kevin. There was so much love between them, it made me smile.

Like I said, for a music video director/media person, Scott Speer delivered an excellent debut. His writing style was excellent and fast paced. He knows his way around a character arc and created such a rich alternate world that I wanted to swim in it for a while. I can not wait to see what he comes up with next. And I can not wait for the sequel, because the way Mr. Speer ended the novel, he has set up something amazing.