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Someone Like You - Sarah Dessen For more reviews, check out http://vivaladolcevita14.blogspot.com/

This book was my introduction to Ms. Sarah Dessen, who is known all around as basically the Queen of Contemporary YA. She's a superstar in this genre, and I couldn't wait to read something by her. I am so glad I startted with Someone Like You. It is a freaking fantastic and lovely and heart wrentching read. I was captivated by Halley's story, her friendship with Scarlett, and her journey of self discovery. I loved reading this book, it literally felt like it was happening in real life. I kept reading and reading, wanting everything to turn out alright. This story was so raw and real and lovely, from page one to the final page, I was enraptured and addicted.

Halley is a wonderful character. She is naive and sarcastic, witty and smart. I loved reading her journey of becoming who she was meant to be, having little revelations along the way. It was honestly a joy watching her grown up, because she felt like my sister. Her love with Macon, her friendship with Scarlett, and her relationship with her parents all were part of her, slowly unfolding before my eyes. Scarlett was also wonderful. Bolder than her best friend, I was also rooting for her as well, wanting her to simply be happy and make it out ok. I felt for her so much, due to everything that happened. I definitely think Scarlett and Halley's relationship was the strongest part/emotional center of this novel. They were so close, I literally felt like it was me and my best friend Jessica. Their conversations felt like ones Jessica and I have had, me in the role of Scarlett and Jessica in the role of Halley. You could see just how much these best friends cared for each other, and no matter what happened, they were always there for one another. I loved that. Macon was interesting. He's one of those characters whose true colors are revealed as the story goes on. I liked him at first, but hated him in the end. I do think he was good for Halley in the sense that their relationship helped her to grow up. Characters like Halley's mom and Scarlett's mom were interesting. Every single character, no matter how much they were in this novel, shone. They had their faults, virtues, everything, and were just three dimensional.

Ms. Dessen has an excellent writing style. She brings you into her world with ease and comfort. She makes you feel like you live in Lakeview, go to school with these characters, know everyone. I loved how she created such real and raw and honest characters and situations. I can't believe I haven't read anything by her before, I am now an instant fan, and can see why she is the Queen of ContempYA. I can't wait to read more by her in the future!